In a weird way this video reflects human behavior: it's exactly what we look like when we stare at YouTube for hours on end.

So, here are these gorillas being entertained by watching a caterpillar do its thing. And here we are being entertained by watching gorillas watching a caterpillar do its thing. So who's watching us watch the gorillas? (Did we just blow your mind? Sorry, we know it's still pretty early on a Sunday for deep philosophical questions.)

Our guess is that the gorillas are either fascinated, jealous, or simply bored out of their skulls. Also, they can't leave their enclosure, but here comes a tiny larva that has the ability to come and go as it pleases. Can they grasp the cruel irony? Meanwhile, should they choose, the caterpillar's fragile life could be ended with one tiny squeeze.

Perhaps this 40 second video cuts off right before that very thing happened? In which case, thanks to whomever posted it for leaving our childlike sense of wonder intact.