Google's self-driving car project is a little hard to wrap your mind around. Is the search engine giant really going to be able to radically change the car and driver relationship which has been pretty static for the last 100 years?

They seem to think so, and to celebrate “200,000 miles of computer-led driving,” Google released a video of one of their specially rigged Prius being test "driven" by a man named Steve Mahan. What makes this unique is that Mahan is blind.

“Look ma, no hands!” Mahan jokes as the car rolls down the street.

The vehicle's specially designed route takes Mahan and a Google representative to Taco Bell, and then effortlessly through the take out window.  One of the benefits to the driver-less car is the person behind the wheel can really dig into their burrito when the car is on the move.

Next the car drives itself to the cleaners, sliding right into a parking spot out front.

It's a very impressive display, indeed. And while you might not be ready for a driver-less car, the video certainly shows what a difference in the life of the vision-impaired this technology could make.