In April, Google announced to the world Project Glass, augmented reality goggles that use Google maps, GPS technology, gyroscopes, powerful mini-processors and voice recognition software to keep the wearer connected to the internet completely hands-free.

Now this science fiction-like technology is available to buy. Sort of.

According to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the glasses will begin shipping early next year for the price of $1,500. The catch being that only those attending this week's Google I/O developer conference are eligible to purchase them.

The reason Google is only selling to developers at this point is because they acknowledge the glasses are still buggy, and they want the input of experts on how to make them better.

The latest incarnation of the goggles, which are so slim they weigh less than some pairs of sunglasses, were displayed during the developer conference in an elaborate show that had wearers of the device parachuting from a blimp and riding bikes across the roof of San Francisco's Moscone Center.

When this was going on, the daredevils' perspectives were broadcast to the conference's attendees. Check out video of the happening below.