Tired of all the political talk? Here's some shouting you can definitely support.

Your Facebook feed is probably inundated with people talking/complaining/arguing/whining/rejoicing about the presidential election, so you need a break -- something to take your mind off the world and just how crazy it is.

To that end, we are here to help melt your post-election anxiety like a glacier with the above video of goats screaming like humans. Yes, we've heard and continue to hear screaming in the wake of Donald Trump's surprise run to the White House, but these are goats, so it's good because while we are divided as a nation, we can all agree that goats, while not good prognosticators, make everything better, even yelling.

And if you're still feeling down in the dumps, check out this clip of baby animals standing for the first time. We bet it will at least get you to crack a smile, even if it's just a wee little one.

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