The internet loves kids and animals. Put them together and you've got a little thing known in scientific circles as "internet gold."

Behold this innocent little girl, who just wants to feed some goats and is following the advice of an adult who's guiding her, only to discover the animals are not exactly patient and have yet to learn anything about decorum (we're going to assume they know nothing about the difference the big fork and little fork).

While one goat greedily digs in, the other, probably so famished it's not thinking straight, pulls on the girl's hair with its mouth, sending her to the ground in tears. Not cool, Mr. Goat. Not cool at all.

Perhaps these greedy goats ought to team up with phone-stealing monkey to terrorize admirers the world 'round with the best scam since you got your first email from a Nigerian prince. Lure in curious humans and then -- BAM! -- surprise them with your true intentions.

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