Earlier this week, the internet was abuzz with the above photo of a goat casually enjoying a slice in popular New York pizzeria Famous Famiglia. Who is this goat? And why is it eating pizza like it's a person?

Actually, the second question is easy enough to answer: the slice was on the table and goats find pizza just as irresistible as humans do. As for the goat's identity, the folks at New York magazine did a little digging and found out that her name is Cocoa, and she belongs to 48-year-old Summit, NJ man Cyrus Fakroddin.

In fact, Cocoa has been described as a "little celebrity" in Summit, where she often goes on walks with Fakroddin, and local restaurant owners feed her scraps. (Perhaps that is why she has such a refined taste for human food.)

Given all the attention Cocoa got for Famous Famiglia, maybe other New York restaurants will be more accommodating of barn animals in the future. Or they could just open their doors to Cocoa, who often makes trips into the big city with her owner. Check out a video of Cocoa entertaining folks in Times Square late last year.