Since it's April Fool's Day, we thought we'd share some brilliant headlines from our pals at The Gist. They're a funny new website that sums up the news for you so you don't have to think too hard, which is basically the worst thing ever. That way you can feel informed without worrying that you might be some kind of smarty-pants know-it-all who ruins everyone's time. We think it's pretty great. Click the headlines below to get the full story, and be sure to visit The Gist for more funny news.

Mandela Confined to Another Depressing South African Institution

General Awareness of Professional Baseball Being Played Begins

Man Admits to Feeling Threatened by Justin Bieber

New Yorkers Actually Notice Person Sleeping in Box 

Useful TV Show Canceled

U.S. Justice System Applied to Rich White Guy

Dead Bee Population Explodes

GOP Congressman Meant No Disrespect by Racial Slur He's Hurled Since Childhood

North Korea Readying to Aim Missiles That Can't Reach U.S. at U.S.

College Diplomas Increasingly Opening Doors to High School Jobs