Daniel Tosh's brand of humor may not appeal to everybody, but he sure does a have a few fans out there. And when you know it's a tattoo story, you just know it's going be a bit crazy. A female fan has tattooed the face of Daniel Tosh -- the stand-up comedian and host of 'Tosh 2.0' -- on her ass. Don't believe it? She even had video cameras in the studio while she was getting tatted. 

Using Tosh's shocked expression as her preferred design, the girl we know as Jen even got the inscription 'Jen Hearts Tosh' below the Comedy Central star's inked face. Oh, her fiancé who was there with her didn't mind that at all. In fact, in the video below from World Wide Interweb, the young couple just runs through some of the many jokes people could come up with now that she has a "gorgeous face" inked on her "gorgeous ass" (Jen's words, not ours).

Watch the NSFW video 'The Girl With The Tosh Tattoo' below.

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