Celebrity obsession is something that happens all the time in our culture, especially when it comes to teen icons such as Miley Cyrus. Heck, there are TV shows devoted to it. However, this guy took it to a new level, covering parts of his body with 15 tattoos dedicated to the 19-year-old superstar.

We know what your thinking. What parent would let their child do that! Well, apparently none, because the guy that decided to publicly dedicate his body to Miley Cyrus via the ink is a grown man. Watch out world. It's about to get creepy.

We're not sure of his name but all we know is that you can reach him on Twitter at MileyCyrusCarlx if you really wanted to. But why would you?

Regardless, the Miley maniac has ink of not only her name on various parts of his body, but also a full facial picture and lyrics from her songs such as 'Obsessed' and Breakout.'

Gotta love the shoulder tat! Oh boy...

Obviously he's not ashamed of the ink. There's no way to cover the hand tattoos, except in the wintertime. Though, our guess is he doesn't wear gloves. Lets face it, you need to show those off, right?

Something he can always stare at and dream of better days when they're together... until he ends up in an asylum.

This one had to hurt! Talk about a devoted creepster. Nicely done, sir!