Adele is inescapable these days. The British singer continues to dominate the charts, and her songs are all over the radio and YouTube, thanks to aspiring singers uploading their covers of her many hits. Adele's music influences both young and old alike. Even the really young adore Adele, as evidenced by two-year-old Makena, who looks so cute as she mumbles through 'Someone Like You.'

Was that sweet or what?? We had to turn up the volume just to hear her innocent, soft voice. While she isn't the only toddler on YouTube singing along to Adele, Makena's is one of the cuter covers we have heard. Her baby-speak resonates with every line she sings, making a depressing song like 'Someone Like You' bring a smile to your face. (It may even help you get over your break-up more than Adele's version will.)

So does Makena have a singing career ahead of her? Is this the best baby singer you've ever heard? Let us know!

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