Al McGlashan, fishing columnist for the Daily Telegraph, got the shock of his life recently when he discovered the remains of a gigantic, 12-foot squid off the coast of New South Wales, Australia. (Suddenly, we're very hungry for fried calamari.)

The creatures are incredibly rare and elusive. Although we've known about the existence of giant squid for some time, the first image of a live adult was taken only very recently -- in 2002 -- and the first video of a live adult didn't surface until 2006. And yet, McGlashan found himself face-to-face with the remains of one while fishing in Jervis Bay.

“In all my time of fishing, I’ve never seen calamari rings so big,” said McGlashan. “It was massive.”

Alas, the giant animal was deceased, and probably died either of natural causes or after a fight with its only known predator, a sperm whale.

Given its size and weight, McGlashan was unable to haul the carcass aboard for an autopsy. He did, however, capture photographic proof documenting this monster of a fish tale.