Getty Images is a photo service that provides pics of celebrities and world events. Now someone has managed to find a way to use Getty's photo database for an awesome montage that shows the various stages of life.

The ad agency AlmapBBDO of Brazil took six months to create a very unique ad for the photo distribution company. They took a number of separate but similar photos from their database and animated them by running 15 images a second to turn it into a colorful silent short film called 'From Love to Bingo.'

Needless to say, this was no small undertaking. According to their YouTube page, it took a team of approximately 20 people six whole months to complete the entire production process. Even though the video contains just 873 pictures, the group went through more than 5,000 of them and compared each one shot for shot to animate them into a cohesive story.

Plus, the process was full of pitfalls. The group would write a script and then try to find the right photos to run together and when they couldn't make the animation work, they would have to start the entire process all over again.

We can't imagine the level of patience it would take to complete such an undertaking. But their efforts were definitely worth the time spent.