Politicians are often accused of being plunderers and pillagers of their people's pesos and personal principles. At least this party doesn't pretend about their piracy and lets their people know it by putting "pirate" in their party's pseudonym.

The "Piratenpartel" (translation: Pirates Party) has grown into a very popular political party among Germany's voters and political supporters. In fact, they've grown so fast that they are the country's third most popular political movement.

The "pirates" in this case aren't the Tricorne wearing, treasure hunting, Arrrr-spouting sea monkeys who have become a league of lecherous legend in film and folklore. These pirates are technology geeks and hackers striving for online freedom and an open Internet with full and unfettered access to information. The party has gained some wind in its sails thanks to a stagnant economy and almost total disenchantment with most of the major political parties running Germany's government. They are also expected to win two seats in two of Germany's state legislatures.

The support is largely seen as a sense of the public's rebellion against more established candidates and party favorites. The party has also made it a point to not refuse membership to anyone who wishes to join, regardless of their viewpoint or opinion. They also have very few viewpoints or stances on the issues outside of their cries for a free and open Internet.

All we want to know is how they feel about rum and making prisoners "walk the plank."

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