Someone is playing a rather dangerous -- not to mention sadistic -- prank on holiday shoppers.

Several buyers at the Walmart in Cartersville, Georgia have reported finding syringes with the needles attached in items like socks and pajamas.

The discoveries were, needless to say, horrifying, with one woman who was stabbed by one of the needles telling the local NBC affiliate:

"Everything started going through my mind. Whose arm was this in; whose body - was this a used needle; am I going to die based on this being in someone's body? I've been on a rollercoaster all weekend."

She said she'll have to be tested for hepatitis and HIV in six months and that she's "scared to death."

The Bartow County Sheriff's Office and management at the Walmart store said they had found syringes in other items at the store and are investigating. Watch a report on this alarming news below. And check all Wal-Mart purchases thoroughly this holiday season.

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