It seems that a new parody of Gotye's massive international hit 'Somebody That I Used To Know' comes out every ten seconds, and quite frankly, they tend to be very hit or miss (mostly miss). What's more is that people love to use the song as a medium for complaining about changes that they don't like in things that they used to like.

Granted, the melody of the song does purvey a mournful, nostalgic vibe, and in the case of this 'Star Wars' parody, that's exactly what the theme is: the first three 'Star Wars' were awesome -- why were the last three so disappointing?

Unlike other Gotye spoofs, 'The Star Wars That I Used To Know' sticks to the artistic style of the original music video, and so it gets some immediate brownie points in our book. This makes the lyrics of the song itself far funnier as one would think that a 'Star Wars'-themed parody would have some sort of futuristic setting.

But the funniest thing about this video is who is standing in for Gotye and his duet partner Kimbra: Darth Vader and George Lucas. Styled in the song's call-and-response structure, the back-and-forth between the duo in the verses and chorus is hilarious. Perhaps the funniest line is when the guy singing as Darth Vader (but initially costumed as Anakin Skywalker) says he, "had my character portrayed by subpar actors." If you've seen the movies, you'll know Hayden Christensen absolutely butchers his role as the young Anakin/future Darth Vader.

But overall, even if you're not a 'Star Wars' fan, this video is worth watching and is equally as visually catching as it is clever. Now can we cool it with the Gotye parodies for a while? The meme is approaching 'Call Me Maybe' levels of overexposure.

You can also check out a 'Star Wars'-themed Ke$ha parody from the same team of YouTube jokesters below.