Actor George Clooney, along with other peace activists, has been filling the airwaves and speaking with high ranking federal leaders about the plight of the Sudanese people. The capper came today when police hauled George and several other protesters away for demonstrating in front of the country's embassy.

The actor, his journalist father Nick and several others were placed in plastic wrist-cuffs on charges of civil disobedience for crowding the Sudan Embassy in Washington, D.C. Clooney and others were protesting over a laundry list of atrocities against the Sudanese people.

Clooney told reporters who were present before and during his arrest that he and his fellow protesters wanted a recent blockade of food to the people in the region to be lifted, and assurance that the atrocities he and others have witnessed will stop.

Clooney was in Washington D.C. to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee following his own fact-finding mission in Sudan. He also attended a state dinner at the White House and met with President Barack Obama to discuss the situation. He described the nation as being in a "constant drip of fear" and the actions of the nation's president and his government as "a campaign of murder."

Following his arrest, Clooney was bailed out on a bond of only $100. When asked about his time in the clink Clooney he joked it was, "Really rough, you can imagine...Have you ever been in a cell with these guys?"