While 'Gangnam Style' covers are all the rage on YouTube, these two creative young women have taken Psy's hit and put their own unique spin on the song. Instead of the usual flashmob and eye-catching costumes, the two young women picked up a guitar and -- strangely enough -- a ukelele to turn the snappy dance number into a plaintive pop song that sounds like something Taylor Swift would sing. (Well, if Taylor Swift was a K-Pop star, that is.)

However, what truly makes the video giggle-worthy is the adorable black cat that makes a guest appearance; too bad he didn't join in on the fun either! Perhaps the two women could've dressed him up like Psy for a good laugh and had him sit with them as they sang.

If you're charmed by these two talented young ladies, check out their official Facebook page WeSingHappySongs and be sure to compliment them. Who knows? Perhaps one day they'll be climbing up the charts with a hit single of their own!

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