Dressing up our furry friends means they're usually subject to embarrassment among other pups. However, we think it's the small price they pay for being so darn adorable. That being said, we've already made our Star-Wars-meets-puppies obsession pretty clear, what with the discovery of Ewok dogs and Princess Leia pugs. Could the fantasy flick and canine combo get any cuter?! Luckily for us, yes.

Say hello to the puppy whose formerly awkward neck cone has been amped up to a new level of awesome.

Star Wars Dog

Prior to the makeover, Musha's neck accessory had serious potential to be super embarrassing at the dog park. But with some creative marker skills courtesy of his geeky owner, Musha is now the coolest canine around town. Her Death Star cone is the envy of all the puppies, and if we're being honest, we sort of want one too.