This week's funniest memes had a lot to do with the presidential race. Besides being one of the most noteworthy things in the news now, the presidential candidates seem to also be all over the internet.

After President Obama did his AMA on Reddit, memes were popping up all over the place about it. Because of course, after the most powerful man in the world does a question and answer on one of the most popular internet sites, the first thing you should do is make a meme out of it. In addition, the meme 'Relatable Romney' is back,  as well as another 'Tiny Face Mitt' photoshop.

Our friends over at ScreenCrush were so inspired by the 'Tiny Face Mitt' 'shops that they photoshopped tiny faces on movie posters. The result, needless to say, is just as funny as the original.

Of course we have some other memes for you this week. Neil Armstrong is awesome as always and Keanu has thought up a new conspiracy theory. We also found a funny meme of a girl who just doesn't quite understand the concept of a record. Check them all out and more below.

Awesome Armstrong

I'm 12 and what is this?

Conspiracy Keanu

Success Kid