Who says airplane safety has to be a somber matter? These airlines have fun with the tired in-flight procedure, from rapping through oxygen mask instructions to demonstrating proper storage of overhead luggage in the buff. Check out our favorites below:

  • 1

    Cebu Pacific Air's Lady Gaga dance

    Cebu Pacific attendants choreographed a dance to Lady Gaga, employing inflatable vests and other safety tools as props.

  • 2

    Pegasus Airlines' safety as told by cute kids

    Little kids stand in for flight attendants, passengers and the pilot in this in-flight video from Turkish airline Pegasus.

  • 3

    Southwest Airlines' rapping flight attendant

    This Southwest attendant rapped his safety spiel and became a YouTube sensation.

  • 4

    Virgin America's animated video

    This Virgin America safety video features quirky animation and skewers the silliness of having to explain seat belt mechanics to adults.

  • 5

    Air New Zealand's 'Bare Essentials of Safety'

    The Kiwi airline's "Nothing to Hide" ad campaign was echoed in their safety videos, in which the pilot, attendants and baggage handlers go about their duties in body paint -- and nothing else.