Be honest: if someone were to say "In West Philadelphia born and raised...," you'd know exactly what to say next. Besides making Will Smith one of the biggest stars on the planet, the legacy of the sitcom 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' is its catchy opening theme.

While it's true Smith's nursery rhyme rapping style hasn't been in vogue in many years, the song still holds up. (The fashions on the show, that's another story.)

Just recently, boy band du jour One Direction covered the tune during a radio appearance. And YouTube is filled with clips of performers both famous and aspiring putting their own unique spin on the ditty. Check out 10 of our favorite covers of the 'Fresh Prince' theme below.

A gorgeous, acoustic take on the theme

Sir Ian McKellen (not really) lends some gravitas

Ukulele improves everything

How do you say "Yo homes, smell ya later!" in American Sign Language?

'Fresh Prince' theme, all drums edition

Brad Skistimas of Five Times August channels John Mayer

The Fresco Principe of Italia

'Grey's Anatomy' favorite Ingrid Michaelson offers a piano version

Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) mellows out the theme

Death metal cover mostly likely to give you nightmares

And the theme that started it all...

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