There's no denying that Adele has amazing vocal chops. But it's the fact she sings with pure, raw emotion that's made her a star. This depressed French bulldog, who cries to a song by the British songstress, seems keenly aware of this.

The pooch, whose name is Rocco, contemplates his sad lot in life (we assume) in a full-length mirror as Adele's epic break-up song 'Someone Like You' plays in the background. Eventually, he seems overcome with emotion and starts to cry mournfully.

What exactly drives this pooch to the depths of despair? Was he alone on Valentine's Day? Did the song's message of a relationship gone bad simply prove too much? Or does he maybe miss his chew toy?

Either way, buck up, Rocco! You're not alone. Adele brings out the tears in us all, whether human or adorable bulldog.

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