The Adele song 'Someone Like You' is about heartbreak and loss.  But these adult themes don't stop 8-year-old Fitri Cerado from absolutely nailing the emotional ballad in a YouTube performance that is beginning to go viral.

Born in Indonesia to Filipino parents, Cerado is already a star in her adopted country. That's because the mini songstress won the Super Wani 2 competition -- the largest TV talent show in Indonesia -- last year. Check out the video that is now exposing her to the rest of the world.

It's safe to say that if you can sing Adele well, you can sing just about anybody. And Fitri has recorded a bunch of other cover songs, which she has posted on her YouTube page.

Watch her sing the Journey hit 'Faithfully' back when she was six and also the 'Titanic' smash 'My Heart Will Go On' below. Is Fitri the next big YouTube singing star? Let us know what you think.