With Independence Day rapidly approaching, the sale of fireworks are shooting up -- perhaps a pun intended -- and making the days of those all across the country more pleasurable. Well, not everyone...

The first words that come to mind when watching this video, which is so NSFW in case you happen to be working on July 4th, are ones that we can't say here but are pretty positive you'll understand once you watch.

Videos such as this, while always painful to watch, never cease to be hilarious. It's impossible to take just one glance at the array of catastrophes these fireworks appear to have caused. But man do we love it! For some reason we can't get enough of watching other people get hurt, whether it be by falling, being hit by something or having a live firework shoot at their face. We'll accept all submissions!

Nevertheless, the video surely gets across the negative possibilities and consequences that fireworks can offer up: potential fires, loss of feeling in arms, legs, face and, uh, other body parts.

God Bless America! And remember to hide your face.

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