Of all the things firefighters need to know, this should be pretty high on the list.

Sadly, this fireman appears to have gotten an "F" in hose management because this sucker has run completely amok on him.

It was part of an assignment in which the firefighter was required to corral a loose hose. His attempt didn't go well -- he gets soaked and even slips, although he does succeed in making anyone watching this laugh to the point of tears flowing with the ferocity of the water in the hose that's probably making him question whether he should make a career change.

Someone mercifully turns off the hose before any more water is wasted and thus ending his embarrassing moment in the sun that will no doubt be used against him during countless police department-fire department charity softball games.

We wonder if he ever practiced enough for this skill to be second nature. We also wonder what the test for sliding down the pole looked like. We can only imagine.