Proving that sometimes man is dog's best friend, a firefighter risked life and limb to rescue a lost pooch that had been trapped in a deep quarry on Tuesday.

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Daisy, a two-year-old pit bull mix, had reportedly gone missing a week ago and was spotted six days later curled on a ledge 50-feet down in a 200-foot deep quarry in Oregon.

Firefighters and a team from the Oregon Humane Society immediately responded to the scene and tried to lure the dog out with food. When that didn't work, firefighter Bob Chamberlin repelled down the side of the unstable quarry and pulled the dog to safety.

"She was dug into the bank," he said. "I took a T-shirt the Humane Society gave me -- the owner's soon as she sniffed that she was right up against me and was ready to go."

Ultimately, Daisy found herself back on solid ground and was reunited with her owner, Tammie Johnson. "I'm so excited," said Johnson. "I just can't believe she's back, and I can't believe she did this. It's like, oh my God, this is almost embarrassing." Almost?