E. L. James' trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" continues to create buzz almost a full year after its release. A couple weeks ago, it was banned by a library in Florida, causing soccer moms to kick up their crazy level. Then, innocent cutesy Disney Star Selena Gomez spoofed it with, 'Fifty Shades of Blue.'

Now, the erotic S&M-laden novel series gets a thorough scrubbing by radio show 'Kid Kraddick in the Morning'. Since the original text was too raunchy for air, KiddNation replaced all the suggestive language with acceptable alternatives.

Despite using dialogue that doesn't offend the FCC, the reading by cast member Kellie Rasberry (which sounds like an adult film stage name as is) is still sultry and sensual. Luckily, the aural pleasures are frequently interrupted with random infomercial products and wacky, out-of-context soundbites. We honestly can't understand how anyone can get through a single chapter of the audiobook.

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