On an episode of 'Seinfeld,' George played "real life" Frogger by pushing the arcade classic across a busy New York City street. 'Fifth Avenue Frogger' isn't quite that hardcore, but it definitely draws from the same inspiration as that famous scene.

The brain child of  Tyler DeAngelo, 'Fifth Avenue Frogger' is a hacked version of the original game that uses a camera to capture real time New York traffic patterns which are then incorporated into the game play. DeAngelo set the game up on the sidewalk of the street it was getting its data from and gave New Yorkers a chance to give it a shot. Check that out, and learn how DeAngelo hacked the game in the video below.

According to DeAngelo, the project was to help celebrate Frogger's 30th birthday. And if you are thinking of marking the occasion with a more Costanza-like ode, maybe you should think again. In 2010, a 23-year old South Carolina man was hospitalized after getting hit by a SUV while "playing" Frogger on a busy street . Remember, in real life, you only get one life.