Not only can eating McDonald's be bad for you, it's also apparently a crime if someone throws it in your face. In a recent case, 26-year-old step-father James Hackett, of Lowell, MA, was arrested for allegedly assaulting his stepdaughter with a dangerous weapon -- an order of McDonald's french fries. No word on whether they were Super-sized or not.

According to reports, the family approached the drive-thru window, and the husband and wife began fighting over money. We can understand -- McNuggets can be quite an expense. Anyway, as the squabble roared on the daughter attempted to interject in order to put an end to it.

In a fit of ridiculously unnecessary and laughable rage, James took a container of french fries and threw it in his stepdaughter's face. While the girl suffered no injuries, the police said, "the heat of the oil could cause burning to the eyes and skin." Why is it that we never get hot fries when we're at the drive-thru?

Since the ludicrous incident occurred, James has made a court appearance pleading not guilty to the charges. In the meantime, a judge has ordered James to stay away from his stepdaughter. In this case, no one is lovin' it.