If you think the people who shop at Whole Foods are snooty, well, prepare to be validated.

The guy at the center of this video pretended to be a Whole Foods employee in New York City and fed customers the kind of nonsense that they think makes them so smart. You know, he peppered his comments with key phrases like "grass-fed," "organic," "free range" and "artisinal," buzzwords that resonate with consumers who think devouring those kinds of foods will make them live happily into their 100s like a reclusive karate master in Japan who subsides on nothing more than one small fish he catches with his bare hands each day.

The customers seem to eat it up like they do a $15 bag of sugar-free, salt-free, gluten-free corn chips.

He's hitting on all the stereotypes of the upper crust grocery store and his lines about Hilary Clinton and the products being "upper middle class" are a nice touch.

So, grab a box of lard, smother in trans fat, sit back and enjoy.