It seems like just one week ago we were posting a picture of a dog in a garbage can on our Facebook page. Since then, we've shared lots of stuff with you, and in return, you make us LOL with your witty, sometimes disturbing (looking at you, guy who said he take his time killing a cat) comments. Here are our favorite captions you provided for our weekly photo contest. Congratulations to our winners, who will receive...bragging rights. Awesome, awesome bragging rights.

Bulldog Puppy


"Ummm, it's not what it looks like." - M. Keeley

"Hit me, I'm all ears!!" -- Q. White

"Uh .... Mom, wake up, there are strange people taking our picture!!!" - M. Poore

Finn the Cat


"Please kill me now." - E. Roadman

"I'm not gonna spank your hams!" - D. Sapp

Overweight Prairie Dog


"Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a prairie dog, come count my cholesterol." - E. Stanley

" I had self esteem once, then i ate it." - A. Harmon

"When i sit around i really sit around" - P. Smith

Contemplative Cat


"Waffles ...? I know not of which you speak my dear human.." - F. De La Torre

"So you come to Pai Mei because you want to kill Bill. Hahahahaha!" - J. Nay

"Hmmmm, scratch the couch or poop in a shoe ...?" -- W. Hamel

Trash Can Dog


"Beats finding a dumpster baby." -- M. Ceballos

"That did not go as planned." -- A. Ramsay