This summer's animated adventure 'Brave' is notable for a few reasons: One, it's Pixar's first foray into the world of fairy tales (something their partners at Disney are quite good at) and, two, it's Pixar's first female-driven film. While the plot seems reminiscent of 'How to Train Your Dragon' - a young Scot fights the odds to battle a fierce beast while becoming a valiant hero - it's the little things we see in this new extended clip that set 'Brave' apart from the rest.

Hair has always been a thorn in the side of animators who've struggled to accurately capture its fluid movements. But watch the flowing, curly locks of Merida, and you'll see that the Pixar team is breaking new ground as usual. Or pay attention to the way her arrow undulates as its shot and the masterful editing as it pierces another arrow on the bullseye. It may be a story we've heard before, as many fairy tales are, but with Pixar, it's all about the little details. This is what makes them, and their films, so darned good.

This new clip below is just two minutes from the film and only hints at the adventure to come (you can see more in the official trailer here). 'Brave' hits theaters on June 22nd.