It might be hard for this iPod generation to believe, but there was a time when the young folks flocked to hang out among the vinyl records and compact discs of their neighborhood record store.

The 1995 coming-of-age tale ‘Empire Records’ tells the story of a crazy 24 hours in one of these increasingly rare retail spaces. The movie starred Renée Zellweger and Liv Tyler, before either was particularly famous. See what all the young stars of 'Empire Records' are up to today below.

Renée Zellweger, Gina

YouTube/Larry Busacca, Getty Images

Then: Zellweger played record store cashier Gina in ‘Empire Records.’ The year before she had her first high-profile starring role in ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation’ opposite a young Matthew McConaughey.

Now: A year after ‘Empire Records,’ ‘Jerry Maguire’ propelled Zellweger to the A-list. The 43-year-old, who has a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for ‘Cold Mountain,’ hasn’t been in a film since 2010’s ‘My Own Love Song,’ but has 'Bridget Jones’ Baby’ and the comedy '4 ½ Minutes' on the horizon.

Liv Tyler, Corey Mason

Liv Tyler Empire Records
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Then: In 'Empire Records,' Tyler was Harvard-bound high school senior and secret speed addict Corey Mason. 1995 was a big year for the 17-year-old former model, who also starred in 'Heavy.'

Now: Tyler's star rose with the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and she remains a fixture on the big screen. In 2011, she starred in the comedy ‘Robot & Frank‘ and is attached the upcoming horror film ‘The Side Effect.’ The daughter of Steven Tyler had been married Spacehog rocker Royston Langdon, with whom she had a son. However, the two split amicably in 2008.

Rory Cochrane,  Lucas

Rory Cochrane Dazed and Confused
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Then: In 'Empire Records,' Cochrane played store employee Lucas, who caused big problems by taking the daily cash deposit to Atlantic City and losing. Two years earlier he had played a memorable role in ‘Dazed and Confused.

Now: Besides 'Dazed,' Cochrane is probably best known for his role as Tim Speedle on ‘CSI Miami.' Later this year, the 40-year-old will appear in the Ben Affleck-directed geopolitical thriller ‘Argo.’

Johnny Whitworth, A.J.

Johnny Whitworth Empire Records
YouTube/Frazer Harrision, Getty Images

Then: Whitworth played A.J., a tortured artist in love with his co-worker Corey. It was the 19-year-old's biggest role to date, having previously appeared in the movie ‘Bye, Bye Love’ and episodes of ‘Party of Five’ and ‘Birdland.’

Now: In 2012,  Whitworth played the villain Ray Carrigan in the Nicolas Cage flick 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.' Last year, he had a supporting role in ‘Limitless.'

Robin Tunney, Debra

Robin Tunney
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Then: Tunney shaved her head to portray troubled record store staffer Debra in ‘Empire Records.’ She followed that up the next year with a lead role in 'The Craft.'

Now: Tunney currently stars as Teresa Lisbon on 'The Mentalist.' She's also an excellent poker player, finishing second on the eighth season of Bravo’s ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown.’

Ethan Embry, Mark 

Ethan Embry
YouTube/David Livingston, Getty Image

Then: Embry went by the name Ethan Randall when he played Mark in 'Empire Records.' Three years later he had his biggest role, pining after Jennifer Love Hewitt as the lead in the teen comedy 'Can't Hardly Wait.'

Now: Embry starred as Police Detective Declan Giggs on the Showtime drama 'Brotherhood.' He has also appeared on episodes of 'CSI: Miami' and 'Drop Dead Diva,' and is first billed in the upcoming comedy ‘In Security.'

Coyote Shivers, Berko

Coyote Shivers
YouTube/Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Then: Shivers played a local rock musician and Debra’s boyfriend in 'Empire Records.' It was a fitting role for the-then 29 year old, who played guitar in the instrumental rock band Sharkskin.

Now: Shrivers last acting credit was the 2006 comedy 'The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down.' These days, he's most well-known for his acrimonious and incredibly litigious divorce from ‘NCIS’ actress Pauley Perrette.

Brendan Sexton III, Warren 

Brendan Sexton
YouTube/John Shearer, Getty Images

Then: In 'Empire Records,' Sexton played a gun-wielding shoplifter with the unlikely name of Warren Beatty. Earlier that year he made his film debut as troubled bully Brandon McCarthy in 'Welcome to the Dollhouse.'

Now: Sexton was last seen as potential murder suspect Belko Royce on the AMC drama ‘The Killing.’ (Spoiler alert: he didn't do it.) Later this year the 32-year-old will play a supporting role in the star-studded crime comedy 'Seven Psychopaths.'

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