There was a celebratory air on the most recent 'Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ as the popular host announced in her opening monologue the news that California’s Proposition 8 banning gay marriage had been ruled unconstitutional. But the openly gay DeGeneres had one more anti-gay controversy to discuss with her audience.

Along with its complete revamp of image and business model, JC Penney has recently signed the much loved DeGeneres as their spokeswoman. Knowing their audience well, the discount retailer went right for the 'Ellen' show's demographic. But, because DeGeneres is openly gay, an anti-gay activist group known as One Million Moms protested JC Penney’s choice.

Basically, the group claims that JC Penney’s decision to hire an openly gay spokeswoman will offend their largely conservative market’s traditional values. They claim that most of the people who shop at the store will no longer choose to spend their money there because they disagree with DeGeneres’ lifestyle. But, JC Penney stood their ground and refused to release DeGeneres from her spokeswoman contract.

Watch Ellen’s tactful reply to the 'Million Moms' group below. What do you think of the controversy?

[via Video Gum]

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