The elephant featured in the video below might be named Baby, but she's 40-years-old and weighs a very grown up two-and-a-half tons.

That would be old enough to know when she doesn't want a bath, and heavy enough to cause quite a stir when she escaped from her keepers as they were attempting to administer the washing.

The circus pachyderm was then able to break through a barrier and get loose in a Cork, Ireland shopping center. Needless to say, she turned some heads.

"He was running around on his own and then you could see the guys from the circus running around, and the elephant wasn't happy," said Egle Vilmaite, who manages the Costa Coffee shop Baby ran right by.

It probably didn't make any of the customers happy either, when they saw the giant beast stomping around their cars which were parked in the lot outside the coffee shop

But, in the end, no cars were trampled. And after an "intense" few minutes, Baby was restrained.

The Asian Elephant is now back at the circus and preparing for her next show. While you hate to reward bad behavior, we're thinking it's going to be some time before Baby is made to take another shower.