We're not sure if it's because of his unprecedented side-swooped hair style, or his music's ability to make Kramer convulse, but, gosh, the kids love Skrillex. The dubstep king's songs garner ten of millions of hits on YouTube even though most inhabitants of earth would find his sound confusing, if not downright scary.

And now there is a video of a Dutch choir covering his hit 'Bangarang' a cappella style which is also sure to be an internet hit. Watch the singers do something that you wouldn't think could be done -- making Skrillex listenable.

We have to say the famous Skrillex "drop" is a lot smoother when done with voices rather than machines producing terrifying sounds. In fact, the artist formely known as Sonny John Moore should think about recording all of his songs a cappella style. That and a haircut and he could really be going places.

What do you think? Is the "all voice" version of 'Bangarang' better?