While America continues to debate Starbucks' holiday cups, Dunkin' Donuts has stepped forward to unveil the cups it will give customers this holiday season.

Will this incite the sort of controversy that pastor Joshua Feuerstein started with his Facebook video blasting Starbucks, claiming the coffee giant hates Jesus. For its part, Starbucks claims its plain red cups are being offered as a way to let customers draw whatever they'd like on them.

The cups quickly generated response on Twitter:

For its part, Dunkin' Donuts says the cups are not meant as a way to stick it to Starbucks.

You can see Feuerstein's rant below:

Feuerstein further attempted to defend his point of view while appearing on CNN earlier this week. How do you think it went?

So, what do you think? Are the Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts cups offensive? Are they appropriate? Or are people making an issue where none exists?