Sometimes having a drink before a flight can take the edge off a bit if you aren’t a big fan of air travel. Just make sure you don’t drink too much and then crawl onto a luggage carousel and fall asleep. It won’t make your flight much better.

Authorities from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport are investigating an incident that caused a man to be found sleeping in the fetal position on one of the airport’s luggage conveyor belts. He wasn’t spotted until the luggage on the belt was passing through the x-ray machine and staff members noticed a human form curled up in a cozy, little ball.

Apparently, the 36-year-old Norwegian man had climbed over a check-in desk and laid down on the luggage belt to catch a quick snooze, perhaps not realizing that he would be getting a heavy dose of x-rays in the process. The man, who had reportedly been drinking, slept through a 55-yard ride and didn’t even wake up when he went through the machine and the belt was stopped by airport security.

Police were called and the sleeping beauty is now facing charges, but authorities are quick to assure everyone that Mr. Snores would not have been able to get through to secure areas of the airport. A police spokesperson said, “There is a security system – a sort of roll-up blind – which can only be opened by the member of staff who loads the baggage.” Officials say that without a luggage tag, he would have kept riding around the luggage belt in his daze until someone saw him, but he couldn’t have ended up in a sensitive area of the airport. He would probably just end up back at the bar.

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