There's always something amusing when a child picks up an instrument and attempts to play it. Usually, we stomach through their performance trying to hide our judgmental faces, the ones that have "please let this be over soon" written all over them. But six-year-old Jaxon Smith, who nails a cover of Foo Fighters' 'Pretender,' is much different.

Surely this kid is better than roughly 90% of the professional drummers out there today. He seems like a mini-professional in not only his timing or chops but the very movements in which he displays while playing. And dig this -- the kid is a self-taught musician!

He's totally in the zone, something that can be clearly seen throughout the video, particularly at 3:33. What a hardcore dude. We like this kid! He's going places.

Check out some of the YouTube comments left in regards to the video. "Sir, your son is very talented, and does not deserve to have the same haircut as Butters." "6 year old listening to Foo Fighters instead of bieber/gaga. THIS KID WILL TURN OUT FINE."

Yeah, we agree. This guy will be just fine! If he's this good at six, imagine what he'll be like in 10 years? Dad must be very happy! The neighbors, not so much.