Chuck Norris can, and will, fight anything. Chuck Norris always wins. Now, bored with people, Chuck is fighting stains. We've found a detergent that is "Chuck Norris approved."

The folks at Era detergent wisely chose Chuck Norris as their new spokesperson, using the tagline "It's Chuck Norris approved" in a recent series of ads.

According to Chuck Norris Facts, a database of manly fictional (but probably true) factoids about the 'Walker, Texas Ranger' star, Chuck doesn't even use detergent. All he needs to do is shout in his gruff, yet reassuring, voice and stains jump right off his clothes. Even stubborn grease stains are afraid of the fists of Norris. After all, they did once take down a bear.

Chuck Norris detergent -- it's FW approved!

[Era Detergent Via Reddit]