The PBS series ‘Downton Abbey,’ produced and set in the UK, has become a runaway hit. This means everyone now wants to hitch a ride on the ‘Abbey’ bandwagon. Or, in this case, the ‘Abbey’ band-waggin'.

The crazy pups over at put together a little photo collection to help us imagine what the show would be like if it had been cast with dogs. As fans of dogs and high-minded British drama, we find this to be entirely brilliant.

It's amazing how well some of these choices work. Earl of Grantham as an English bulldog? Spot on. The dowager of Grantham, aka the brilliant Maggie Smith, as a Persian cat. Divine.

A few of our favorites are below, but you really should see the whole list.

Robert, Earl of Grantham played by an English Bulldog

Lady Edith Crawley played by a Bedlington Terrier

The Dowager Countess of Grantham played by a Persian Cat

Carson the Butler played by a Sheepdog