Never has the phrase "Look, don't touch" been so appropriate.

A man visiting the National Watch & Clock Museum, in Columbia, Pa., broke a clock during a visit last week when he touched it and knocked it off the wall (perhaps he could befriend the boy who destroyed a pricey LEGO sculpture).

The museum thinks the man was looking at the piece made by artist James Borden when he tried to make it run. That, of course, was a colossally bad idea. According to the museum director:

Once he pulled it up a little too high, that weight came off track and the heavy weight came down, hit the clock, knocked the clock off the wall, so then you see the results. I think what he was trying to do was raise the weight up because I think he thought that would make the clock run."

The clock tumbled off the wall, smashing into pieces. The man futilely tried to put it back on the wall before he sheepishly headed to a worker to explain what happened.

Fortunately, the clock is expected to be fixed and should be back on display in a few months. But this incident is a good reminder that sometimes the only hands that should touch a clock are the ones attached to it.