We saw her work hard for the money, she wanted hot stuff, she was a bad girl and we loved her for it. Donna Summer, the reigning Queen of Disco, has passed away after a battle with cancer. She succumbed to the disease at her home in Key West, FL at the age of 63.

Summer, who had been working on a new album, had been trying to keep the extent of her illness quiet so it wouldn’t slow her down. Someone close to the '70s and '80s mega-star was with her two weeks ago and said she didn’t seem to be “too bad.”

Summer was known for defining the dance era of the '70s with hits like ‘Bad Girls,’ ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Hot Stuff.’ She influenced performers like David Bowie and Duran Duran to enter the genre. In the '80s, she continued to strike a chord with audiences with hits like ‘She Works Hard for the Money’ and ‘This Time I Know It’s for Real.’ In 1982, she teamed up with Quincy Jones for an album that produced the hits 'Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger' and 'State of Independence.'

She leaves behind two daughters, whom she had with husband, Brooklyn Dreams singer Bruce Sudano.

Here are 11 classic videos from the Queen of Disco.

‘She Works Hard For the Money’ music video

‘This Time I Know It’s For Real’ music video

‘I Feel Love’ music video

‘Hot Stuff’ music video

Singing ‘Last Dance’ in concert

Performance of ‘Bad Girls’ on the 1980 ‘Donna Summer Special’

Live performance of ‘On the Radio’

'State of Independence' Music Video

In the 1978 movie ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

Charming First Interview on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1978

On ‘Family Matters’ in 1997 as Steve Urkel's Aunt Oona

Very early appearance in West German TV mini-series ’11 Uhr 20’ (uncredited),  that aired in 1970


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