Most of us love our pets to death, and have no problem lavishing attention upon them when they are good. Sometimes in the winter, if we happen to live in a cold place, we might even knit a sweater for them (especially the little ones). These days, if your dog is acting a bit strange, you can even take it to a pet psychologist. There seems to be no end to the ways we try and make our animals more like us.

Keeping with this tradition, some people have gone so far as to throw a wedding bash for their canine friends.

Doggy weddings have become increasingly popular these days. But a pooch marriage ceremony that recently took place in Palm Spring, California, went to extremes on this account, and really took the (wedding) cake.

Around 100 people participated in the celebration that marked the tying of the knot between Scruffy Rubin and Snickers Carter, two exceedingly well-pampered dogs. The ceremony was held at the Palm Desert Resort Country Club, and apparently no expense was spared. There was an open bar for the guests, a fancy wedding cake, security (for the dogs or the people, we're not sure), a ring bearer and a "priest" of a sort to say the vows for the lovely canine couple, since their command of spoken English probably wasn’t all that good.

In addition to these normal wedding fixtures, there was also an usher on hand to help the guests find their seats, a flower boy, as well as a four-legged pug groomsman named Max. Max was probably on hand just to make sure the groom made it through this nervous occasion, and didn't get "cold paws."

The cost for this extravagant canine festival, which also featured a live band, clocked in at around $5,000. Ann Carter and Ernie Rubin, the ‘"parents" of the betrothed, asked their guests to donate money to an orphan pet humane society in lieu of actual wedding gifts. While that was a nice touch, some people on the blogosphere are questioning the wisdom of such extravagant expense for a dog wedding, no matter how cute the couple was. Even in a bad economy, it seems, every dog can still have his (big) day.

You can see footage of the adorable wedding here.