We’re suckers for heartwarming dog stories. Last week, we brought you the German shepherd who’s been guarding his owner’s grave for six years. Luckily for us, yet another sappy puppy story has surfaced, this time courtesy of Jasmine the St. Bernard.

Jasmine’s owner recently served an entire year in Iraq, and the sweet pooch consistently expected his arrival. When Jasmine would hear any sort of noise, she'd bolt toward the door, only to let out heartbreaking whines after realizing it wasn’t her owner. This happened day after day for an entire year, so when the time came for the marine to actually return home, the reunion was absolutely amazing.

As soon as the St. Bernard saw her owner, she smothered him with doggy kisses and immediately perched up for a much-needed belly rub. It’s really incredible how dogs can remember someone after an entire year apart, and Jasmine knew exactly who he was. What ensued is an emotional homecoming that helps us remember what’s truly important. We hope you have some tissues handy.

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