Captain the German shepherd gives new meaning to the phrase "man’s best friend." Soon after the dog’s owner, Miguel Guzman, passed away in 2006, Captain vanished from his home in central Argentina. The Guzman’s painstakingly searched for their German shepherd to no avail, so they assumed Captain had somehow died.

Following Miguel’s recent burial, the family went to the cemetery one Sunday morning to visit his grave. While they were expecting to pay respect to their beloved father, son, and brother, the Guzmans were confronted with a most shocking and heart-warming surprise -- Captain was sitting right next to his owner’s grave. The family says their German shepherd was never brought to the area prior to finding him there, so they are astounded he was able to find the cemetery, let alone Miguel’s very grave. Captain immediately greeted the Guzman’s with whimpering and barking, as though he knew exactly what was going on.

The cemetery staff claim the dog simply showed up one day, wandering until he found his owner’s burial spot. Six years later, Captain still guards his master’s grave every single day and night, rarely leaving to walk around the cemetery. Miguel's son Damian shares perhaps the sweetest part of this story: "He's just looking over my dad."

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