Call him the ridiculously photogenic dog.

This five-month-old rescue pup named Herbert smiles whenever he hears someone tell him “Say cheese!”

You don’t need anyone to say “say cheese” to you in order to bust out into a grin. One viewing of Herbert doing his thing will take care of that for you. The 14 million views the video has racked up on Facebook is proof of that.

Herbert, who was nearly euthanized last month, is being fostered after he was rescued by a group called PAWS Chicago.

A spokeswoman marveled at Herbert's cheesy smile.

The best thing about the video is seeing Herbert come out of his shell...He's just one wonderful example of all the other amazing animals you can find at your local shelter. They're eager to please, learn and to have a warm, welcoming permanent home."

Herbert is expected to go up for adoption after he fully recovers from canine flu. Somehow we think he won't have a problem finding a home.