Could you imagine if dogs were smarter than us? We'd be in a heap of trouble. Better yet, could you imagine having the physical skills of upper echelon dogs?

Sure, athletes have the ability to run like the wind and jump great distances, but not to the extent of our canine friends. Just check out this Russell Terrier trying to get his stuffed animal that's stuck to the ceiling fan.

That fan is about six feet off the ground. We know of some superhuman, freakish athletes but jumping almost six feet when you maybe stand at a height of two? Amazing. This lil' critter might be the next coming of 'Air Bud.' And, after seeing the successes of 'The Artist' star Uggie - a fellow Russell Terrier who's writing a memoir and acting as spokesdog for Nintendo - it's only a matter of time before we're the ones on the leash.