A stupid pet trick this is not. YouTube user Flydog102 has uploaded an amazing video of her dog Geronimo jumping rope double dutch style.

According to the proud owner, it took many, many hours to train the pooch to become a jump-roping demon. In fact, the process was so difficult, she almost gave up. Luckily she stayed with it, both for us who get to watch an amazing video of Geronimo doing her thing, and for Geronimo, who seems to be really enjoying herself while double dutching.

In case you're wondering, that piece of wood is there for a reason. Geronimo was trained to jump behind a stick and it helps to center her.

But Geronimo isn't just a one trick dog. She is also a whiz at Frisbee catching, as you can see below. It's not as impressive as her jump prowess, but still pretty cute.