Here’s A Corgi And A Kitten Snuggling
We could offer an explanation of this. But we really don't have one, and do you really need one? It's just an adorable Corgi puppy and an equally adorable kitten snuggling, and arguing in their sleep over who gets the most pillow. Oh, and chewing on each other's feet...
Adorable Corgi Puppy Battles Door Stop
So far, we've seen corgis take a hike, get stuck climbing stairs, catch treats in slow motion and cover 'Call me Maybe.' But this video of a corgi puppy battling a door stop beats all others in terms of sheer cuteness. In fact, we're starting to wonder if corgis are just playing with our emotions.
Rest in Peace, Monty, Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi
Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgi Monty passed away of old age. He was 13 years old, which is like 91 in people years. You might remember Monty from a James Bond-themed sketch in this year's Olympics. He's also one of the dogs that put the smack down on Princess Beatrice's terrier, although the scuffle did not contribute to Monty's passing...
Corgi Covers ‘Call Me Maybe,’ Wins the Internet
Every day we call an end to the 'Call Me Maybe' meme. And every day we are compelled to run yet another video of the infectious Carly Rae Jepsen tune being either covered or lip dubbed. It's almost as if internet doesn't listen to us at all. But this latest effort is really for the dogs. A corgi has performed the official anthem for first part of the summer of 2012. Corgi Rae Jepsen. We should hav
Destructive, Adorable Corgi Causes Kitchen Explosion and Fire
Ah, corgis. We love 'em. But would we still adore the breed as much if they suddenly caused our kitchen to explode and catch fire? Eh, probably not. While filming a segment for the Web-based show 'Pet Sense,' Yogi the corgi appears to puncture a can of spray paint, which then ignites an oven's pilot light, resulting in a spectacular explosion and fire.
10 Reasons Why the Corgi is an Internet Star
Of all the dog breeds, the corgi is undeniably the breakout star of the internet. With their gigantic ears and short, stubby legs, how could it be otherwise? As these videos show, film a corgi in a funny or ridiculous situation and you've got comedy gold, my friend.

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